You Traded All Your Love Away

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You Traded All Your Love Away – Poem

Forget me now and save your kiss
Love cannot melt a stony heart.
You gave me nothing I will miss.
It was extinguished at the start.

You traded all your love away
And lost the thing you valued most
I did not have the heart to stay
But may still haunt you as a ghost.

Now through this all I do observe
and see it so much differently.
My love you then did not deserve
and never will you get from me.

I know that I can’t change a thing
and wouldn’t even if I could.
Apologies could never bring
my love back even if it should.


About You Traded All Your Love Away

The sad love poem You Traded All Your Love Away occurred to me as my mind visited fragmented memories of things that once were and could never be again.

There are mistakes that we dare not repeat again but sometimes fall in the ‘what if’ and continue with others.
These particular memories reminded me of how fortunate I was to make the decisions I made during the time of a terrible ordeal.

The fields we sow are not always as fertile as we hope for or achieve the results we intend the seeds to bring.  Love cannot exist without hate and usually doesn’t.

When we find love, we usually find ourselves in an unbalanced relationship where one person is the giver while the other is the taker.  Past relationships are proof of how fragile and elusive love can be.

Conclusion about the poem

Conclusions are drawn from our personal experiences with love and can paint many different versions of what we imagine love to be.  Love is what we make of it and will not exist without a conscious effort to keep it alive.

Love does not simply vanish for no reason. It disappears when it is purposely willed out of existence.  The degree to which we believe love to be real is directly proportional to how real we imagine it to be.

This poem appeared in the first book published entitled Illusory Realm Of Poetry and follows the post of a categorically similar poem Prove That You Love Me.

More Info

Loquacious Lair Of Lautitious Lachrymose will be the third book published following Loquacious Lair Of Poetry

you traded all your love away

you traded all your love away

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