Prove That You Love Me

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A loving relationship can last a lifetime or inexplicably fade away.  Some relationships appear to go on as usual but harbor hidden resentment or hatred.  Partners in a relationship may falsely continue to claim their love long after it has been consumed and converted to dust.
It may be better to hear the truth instead of the hollow sound of an untrue “I love you”.

Unbalanced relationships may have a partner that still clings to the notion that love still stands a chance.  Some relationships are totally devoid of love and exist primarily for public show.

Prove That You Love Me

The following poem is best classified in the categories of love poetry, sad poetry, and sad love poetry.

Prove That You Love Me – Poem

Prove that you love me if you dare
before we further drift apart.
Show me now that you truly care.
Reveal the love within your heart.

Alone I now obambulate
feeling that I should go away.
Your words tend to obganiate.
Choose carefully the words you say.

What we have now remains unclear.
There seems no reason more to wait.
I feel that I should not be here
and wonder if it is too late.

You state your love but show it not.
Your words no longer ring so true.
You can’t give what you haven’t got.
Your words match not the deeds you do.

Long days ago you filled my dreams.
Once you could melt a heart of stone.
Those days are gone and so it seems
that I am now here all alone.

Return the laughter and the bliss
Remove the dagger from my side
Don’t seal the sorrow with a kiss
Reveal the emptiness you hide.

Prove you can love me once again.
Show me intentions that are pure.
Remove the things that cause me pain.
It is not pleasant to endure.


About Prove That You Love Me

The Prove You Love Me animated heart was flattened into a static image and is shown directly below.

prove that you love me

prove that you love me

Prove That You Love Me poem is a selection of poetry that will be published in the new book entitled Loquacious Lair Of Lautitious Lachrymose.  There is no set date for publication but efforts are in place to release a paperback and eBook version with a year.

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